What Others Say About Jim Evans And The Academy of Professional Umpiring

"Jim has instructed all levels of umpires from many different countries. Since starting his school, he has made a terrific impact on the development of umpires. His commitment to the precise details of all facets of umpiring is without equal.

He has researched the rules in depth and this enables him to teach their practical application like no one else.

I strongly suggest that students who want more than just a job in professional baseball attend the Jim Evans Academy."

Martin J. Springstead
MLB Supervisor of Umpires

"Jim Evans is a very special individual. He was a very successful Major League umpire; and, in addition, he has an extraordinary ability to convey his vast knowledge to his students. This blend of on-the-field talent and his exceptional teaching skills is very rare in any profession.

In comparison, students who attend the Academy receive as comprehensive a package of umpire instruction as most college students receive in their chosen field in higher level college courses."

Philip F. Janssen
Doctorate of Education
Executive Director of World Umpires Association

"I have been associated with professional baseball for over 37 years. In those years, I have never met a man more dedicated to the umpiring profession or more committed to teaching than Jim Evans.

He is a genius at communicating with his students and developing teaching methods that work.

Students who graduate from the Academy are better prepared than graduates from any other school."

Dick Nelson
Former Supervisor of Major League
Baseball's Umpire Development Program

(Over his 19 years as supervisor, Dick trained or supervised 70% of the umpires working Major League games today while they were advancing through the minor league system.)

"The man amazes me! It's incredible how far ahead he is in the training of umpires. Jim is a compassionate teacher and he loves what he does. There is one place and one place alone to learn this game and that's the Jim Evans Academy!"

Larry Barnett
30 Year Veteran American League Umpire (Retired 1999)

Former Major League Supervisor of Umpires
4 World Series
8 Championship Playoffs
4 All-Star Games

"The dream of every minor league umpire is to work in the Majors. My dream came true in the summer of 1994.

I had the honor of joining Jim Evans' crew. Jim instilled in me the confidence I needed that first trip around the league. Not only is Jim an outstanding umpire but he is also an incredible teacher. I look forward to every opportunity to sit down with Jim and discuss umpiring. There is not a better teacher in the game today.

Whether you have professional or amateur goals, the Academy is the best place for the world's finest instruction."

Ted Barrett
Major League Umpire

"...Unlike players, there is no competition among umpires. It's a special fraternity... The average fan usually isn't familiar with individual umpires. They may be aware of a few for a variety of reasons - their build, a controversial call, or a particular style - but generally fans aren't familiar with the men in blue. But one umpire every fan should be aware of is Jim Evans. There are several excellent major league umpires but Evans is, simply, the best in the business. Day in and day out, he puts on a clinic on the proper way to umpire.

Since he came on the major league scene in 1971, he has done more for the game, with his professionalism and attitude, than hundreds of players, owners, and executives who are more widely known."

Volume 10:1 Newsletter, Society for American Baseball Research, February 1997