A Personal Message from Jim Evans

Jim Evans

Dear Fellow Umpire:

Thank you for checking out our website and for your interest in the Academy training program. Our training is reaching students worldwide as we help launch professional careers and take amateur umpiring to new levels. If you are serious about your umpiring, I hope that you will study your training options carefully and contact me personally if you have any questions. Without bragging or manipulating numbers, you can rest assured that just as many, if not more, umpires affiliated with this program are working in the Major Leagues and in the minor league system as those from any other umpire training program in the world.

Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or personal goals, receives the same personal attention and quality instruction as our professional candidates. No one leaves the Academy a loser. If you have professional ambitions, our training is designed to provide you the best opportunity to secure a job in pro ball. Those students not advancing to the next step, the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation Evaluation (PBUC) Course in March, return home with the tools and skills which will accelerate their advancement in the amateur ranks.

As a professional educator and veteran Major League umpire, I feel that I have an inherent obligation to make you aware of the professional system and how you, as a student, might fit into it: Your first step is to investigate both programs available to you and then choose the training that better meets your personal needs. My overall objective is to do everything I can to help you make that monumental leap from amateur baseball to the professional game. That gigantic transition is the most dramatic that you will encounter once you are in the game. Moving from a Rookie League to Long A League, from A ball to AA, from AA to AAA, and AAA to the Majors are all very important steps in your career development; however, that monumental step from where you are today to your first professional assignment is the most significant. Helping you successfully make that transition is where the Academy has excelled over the past 20 years.

I personally take responsibility for your training. Your training starts in the classroom where you will experience daily lectures on the rules, responsibilities, and mechanics you will need to implement on the field. All the knowledge you will be evaluated on will be presented during your classroom and field training. Each subject is introduced in lecture, demonstrated on-the-field, drilled, and then integrated into game situations. I have secured the finest umpire training facility available to enhance your experience. You will be training at a Major League facility, the Osceola Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Florida, which is the Spring Training headquarters for the Houston Astros. In addition to my personal commitment, you will be working daily with the former senior field supervisor of PBUC, Dick Nelson. Dick has taught or supervised over 70% of the umpires working in the Major Leagues today. Our staff is complemented by professional umpires who work in leagues ranging from the Majors to the entry-level Rookie leagues. These are people who possess exceptional communication skills and know exactly what is required to be successful at the professional level. Their commitment to your training success is unparalleled. In addition to me, they will be working hands-on with you on-the-field and in-the-classroom each day. Our student-instructor ratio never exceeds 8:1.

Please continue to check-out our website. I think that you are going to discover that our training program exceeds all expectations. I encourage you to compare us to any other program in the world today. My goal is to help you maximize your potential...to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at the professional level or the highest amateur level possible. Our graduates are proving that the comprehensive, innovative training that the Academy offers really does make a difference. I would like the opportunity to help make a difference in YOUR umpiring future. Please get in touch if you have questions.