International Students


Each year, the Academy welcomes students from countries around the world. They quickly learn that there is no such thing as a "foreigner" at the Academy. Everyone is an umpire, bonded together for five weeks of intensive training and a desire to excel in a sport that transcends national boundaries.

Many friendships are formed at the school and the exchange of cultural knowledge provides an added dimension to further enrich the Academy experience.

Japanese Students

Australian Students

Puerto Rican Students

Canadian Students

The Academy of Professional Umpiring has an M-1 classification from the the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. We are authorized to issue form I-20 certificates of eligibility to foreign students that register to attend the school. Students must notify the Academy Office if a form is needed. Special information is required to complete the certificate prior to issuance. Once issued it will require 2-3 months to complete processing.

When the Japanese Pacific League, one of Japan's two major leagues, required assistance to change from a six-umpire to a four-umpire system. They selected Jim Evans and members of his staff to come to Japan and conduct the training.

Jim Evans has been internationally honored for his teaching accomplishments. Here he accepts an award for his work in Asia.